My Job As Your Coach


“Life will not baby you or give you special treatment and neither will I.  I would do you a great injustice if I only taught you the skills of dance.”

I will not baby you

I will not coddle you. I will not tell you in a sweet voice “It’s okay.” That’s what your parents are for. I will never belittle or degrade you but I will toughen you mentally, emotionally, and physically. It will sting. It will hurt. But you will be a better athlete and person for it.

I will hold you to a higher standard 

I will expect things from you that no one else will. I will expect you to be an outstanding student, citizen, and team player. You will not get detention, suspended, or any other type of school punishments because I expect more from you than that. You will respect your teachers, parents, fellow students, and teammates. You will leave the competition venue, hotel, event and studio even cleaner than you found it.  I will not get noise complaints from the hotel manager. You will abide by the rules. The bare minimum will never be enough. I will expect you to go above and beyond in all aspects of your life because that is the mark of a great individual and if you are on my team I saw something great in you.

I will push your boundaries

I will test your limits. You will do things that you never thought possible. You will jump higher, dance smarter, and become an athlete and an artist. You will sacrifice yourself for the good of the team. You will grow with me. You may suffer from growing pains, but in the end you will cast a bigger shadow.

I will not give you special treatment

You will earn everything you get, and no matter how talented you are, you will abide by the same team rules as every other dancer. If punishing ‘the star’ costs us a win, so be it. That is the short term. The long term is what’s important. And there will be a much larger price to pay down the road if I can’t get my ‘star’ to conform to the same standards as everyone else. No one is above anyone.

I will discipline you

You will be a disciplined dancer.  You will be a disciplined person. You will be able to manage your time. You will be able to push through a mentally and physically exhausting practice. That takes discipline. It would be much easier to be undisciplined but you would be no better for it.

I will fight for you

In all aspects, I will fight for you. I will fight to ensure you are safe.  I will fight to provide you with the best competition experience possible.  I will fight to prevent injury, even if it means stopping a competition! HAHA! I will do everything in my control to make sure you are treated deservingly.


I will teach you

That’s what this is all about. Dancing itself is just a metaphor for life. There will be highs and lows. You will win some and lose some. You will transition from one stage of your life to the next, just like you take the stage at each competition. You will take on every challenge with poise, confidence and the desire to be your best. I am preparing you for life. Life is not always easy, fair or fun. I want you to be ready. I want you to be the best you can be on and off the dance floor.  Life will not baby you or give you special treatment and neither will I.  Life will not accept excuses and neither will I.  Life will knock you down, and you will need to get back up. First and foremost, we are educators.  We are teachers and we are all students.  We are life long learners.   I will teach you to believe in your WHY! I will help you, I will lead you but I will expect YOU to be accountable. I will expect you to always remember the importance of EDT STRONG and all of the memories that goes with that!!! I would do you a great injustice if I only taught you the skills of dance.



I will do whatever it takes to help you succeed on and off the stage because I love you. I will make sure you are taken care of. I will make sure you are prepared emotionally, physically and are constantly being pushed to improve yourself. You may not love me back. That’s okay. But know that everything I do on at the studio and much of what I do even when I am not for you, our team and our program. I am not your parent. You don’t need another mother. What you need is a coach and I am proud to be YOURS! EDT STRONG!

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