“We were looking for a dance program that would take our daughter into her teen years. What we found was a whole lot more. Not only is our daughter learning the skills of dance, she has discovered what it means to be a part of a team. She is held to high standards, pushed to be her best and held accountable. She has learned the rewards from hard work. She is being taught some of the most important life lessons and we are excited to watch her grow into the greatest person and athlete that she can possibly be.”
– Melissa Strankowski

“Our daughter has had the pleasure of participating in both studio and competition programs offered by the Dream Center Dance Studio. The three years spent performing as a member of studio classes built strong fundamental skills, while also cultivating her love of dance. Like many, when the opportunity for our daughter to join the competitive team arose, we were contemplating the commitment. While my daughter loved the studio experiences, nothing could compare to performing on stages all across Wisconsin as a member of the Tiny Team. We quickly realized the time and financial commitment affords our children opportunities to experience incredible success on the dance floor.

“Success on the dance floor is just one of the many benefits that dancers will experience as part of the Energizers team. Our daughter has loved the “team-building” focus that is one of the pillars of the program. Whether joining all the other competitive dancers at Noah’s Ark or spending a Friday Night having an “all-team” sleep over at the studio, the opportunities always provide means for the dancers to build relationships across levels. Our daughter also loves having a “all-star buddy,” who serves as a mentor throughout the season. Sheila, Jim and the Trost family have done a fantastic job building a program built on values that every family can appreciate.”
– John & Jenny Flannery

“My daughter loves dancing for the Energizers Dance Team! I love that she not only learns the highest level of dance skills, but also life skills. The coaching is outstanding and the dance team portrays the true definition of teamwork. I would have never dream my daughter would be a part of something so amazing! What an opportunity!”
– Rhonda Czerwinski

“My daughter has a cognitive disability so would never have an opportunity to dance with a competitive dance team. Because of the vision that the coaching staff at Energizers has, they formed a ‘special needs’ dance team, and named them the ‘Dream Team’. That team has made the dreams come true for many children and adults that have a love of dance. The Energizers have welcomed these very special dancers into their competitive family, and shared the opportunity to dance and compete with the rest of the program. My daughter has had the opportunity to compete on the World’s stage at Epcot in Orlando, not once but twice. I can never express my gratitude to the Energizer’s Dance program and their caring and patient coaching staff. They do an amazing job with this team, as well as all the teams in the program. To see these dancers learn, advance, develop, and perform the routines is something to behold. The love our special dancers on the Dream Team have, for not only their team but the whole experience of dance, can’t be expressed in words. Just watch them perform…you will see it in their faces.”
– Annette Kania

“I have been involved with the Dream Center since 2012 when my son participated in the Hip Hop class, and my 4 year old daughter participated in the Tiny Stars studio class. When she turned 6, we moved from the studio class to the competitive Tiny Team, and she is now in her second year with the Mini Team at age 8. This has been a wonderful experience for both of us, seeing her love of dance expand to a love of performing and competing. I am amazed at how much she learned her first year, and continues to build on each year. At such a young age, she is learning life lessons like the value and payoff of hard work, being coachable, the importance of teamwork, and even leadership skills. This is a direct reflection of the program’s vision, the Dream Center environment, and the coaches’ commitment. While the trophies, medals, and banners show the Energizers’ success on stage, their true character is built in the studio!
– Jenni Soto

“My daughter is Meggan Utech….she was on the EDT for 14 yrs! She was the first dancer to start when she was 4 yrs old and follow the program until she graduated from high school. Meggan is now 31 yrs old. She lived in New York for 4 yrs and now lives in Nashville. She graduated from UW Stevens Point with a degree in musical theatre. She travels the US and sings and dances. Without the training and education she learned from this team she NEVER would have had the confidence or know how to present herself in this big competitive world coming from a very small town. Music and dance were always her passion. Jim and Sheila developed that talent and believed in her. Meggan would not have the life she has now without them and The Energizer Dance Team. We still stay in touch after all of these years because we are like family!”
– Cherie Shaver

My family was involved in the Energizer Dance Team when it started as the “Hartford Energizers”. We weren’t even from Hartford. We were from Slinger, and the oldest of my daughters, Lauren, tried out for the team in 1996, when she was just 10 years old. At that time, her youngest sister was just 2. As the Energizers grew, so did the number of “Zettel girls” within the program. During the annual cookie sale, each girl was expected to bring 30 dozen cookies to contribute. We were not given a Pass on baking, but they did make the exception, that since our family had to bring 120 dozen cookies, we were the only ones allowed to make basic chocolate chip! We usually started baking and freezing cookies in early November, and it became a family production. Even our extended family (my Mom) was involved in Energizers. When our family couldn’t afford to take the younger girls to the older girl’s Nationals, my Mom would accompany us for extra help. She became “Grandma” to many an Energizer girl, and to this day when she runs into them, they joyfully hug her and say “Hi Grandma!”. Grandma Jan Tews was even able to accompany Lauren, when she was invited to perform with a national team in London.
We planned most of our vacations around Energizer tournaments, going to Myrtle Beach, Florida, California and Indiana. One of the highlights for our family was the year the Energizers went to the Junior Olympics. Sheila found a routine that would allow all the little sisters, who were on the “Elementary and Performance” teams to compete with their big sisters. I was a proud and sobbing mother when all 4 of my girls won a Junior Olympic Gold Medal. They are still amongst my girls most prized possessions. Being in the same organization and sport, allowed my girls to become extra close, and they still are today. It also kept them too busy to get into much trouble, and they all kept up good grades to be able to stay on the respective teams. Lindsey was the most active Energizer, her senior year she became captain, and made the most of that year. They attended and won multiple Nationals, won a precedent setting 3 titles at the Milwaukee Bucks competition and won the “Triple Crown”.

Today Lindsey is following in Sheila’s steps, and coaches a Varsity Dance team and is beloved by her own dancers. The Energizers Dance team created many friendships that go on today, and I would not trade one moment of my girls participating in this wonderful organization. I believe to this day, we are still the only family that had 4 sisters competing on competition level teams at once!
Patti Tews-Ruehle (formerly Zettel)

“The Dream Center is a marvel. It engaged our son’s body, mind, and spirit, with teachers who encourage creativity, foster respect and responsibility, and promote diversity. We are so grateful to be a part of The Dream Center, both for the classroom environment and for its wide and supportive community of families and educators. We particularly appreciate the Dream Center’s attentiveness to make each child feel loved each and every day. It’s a place where dreams really do come true, for kids and families.”
– Jenny Kennedy-Gullien

“My son has attended the Dream Center preschool and 4k program and I couldn’t be happier with the facility and the teachers. My husband and I toured many preschool facilities and the Dream Center was by far the cleanest and nicest! Sheila definitely treats the kids as her own. The teaching is top notch and the numerous fieldtrips were an added plus. I would highly recommend this facility/program! The Dream Center is by far the best preschool in Hartford! You never disappoint. Your dedication to the kids is unbelievable.”
– Kelly & Ben Matthies

“My daughter goes to wrap around care at the Dream Center. She is going on her second year there. We both love it! She has so much fun and learns new stuff everyday. By the end of her 1st year she was writing her name and just turned 4. I was very impressed. I also love that it accomodates with my schedule. The teachers are very friendly. I am very happy that my daughter goes to such a great facility.
– Hilda Mancha

“We were happy to find the Dream Center. The rooms are colorful and filled with interesting things to do and books to read. The staff are very friendly and truly spend time with the children. Our son has been coming here after school for kindergarten and first grade. He spends about an hour there, and each time we come to get him it’s a bit of a struggle getting him out, he enjoys it so much.”
– Guy Wade

“My daughter has attended the Dream Center for the past three years. We are so impressed with the commitment and dedication from the staff. She has gained so much confidence, poise and discipline over the years. We loved that each class performs together with the competition teams too at the recital. We are so happy with the instruction and facility! Thank you for everything you and the staff do to make this a great experience! ”
– Laurel Hughes

“Ms. Julie is so amazing with the kids. My daughter absolutely loves her. She is always so happy and encouraging. When we are at home my daughter pretends to be Ms. Julie! We are so grateful for everything our daughter has learned at the studio.”
– Brenda Vogt

“We have been taking all three of our children to the Dream Center for dance classes. We love being able to stay at watch class. We have 1 son that has taken hip-hop and another that has taken the Youth Combo classes. Our daughter is in the Mini Stars class with Ms. Alexis. All three of the children love it! It is so nice to watch what they are learning, especially as they get older. We are very thankful for the incredible facility we have in such a small town.”
– Jennifer Young

“We have moved to another state and we miss the Dream Center so much! It was like a family there. We had no idea how lucky we were until we experienced something else. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that the students feel special. They teach so much more than dance at the Dream Center. We miss our WI family!
– Michelle Harris

My daughter Jora has been taking classes at the Dream Center since she was 1. She’s so blessed to have this opportunity. She’s living her dream right now and heading on her path to her goals. She has her idol as her instructor this year. She’s been saying for years she wants to dance like Ms. Alexis with the big girls. She’s been trying so hard this year…she is determined to be an Energizer. She wants to dance when she grows up. I’m telling you…I only seen this drive and passion in the movies.and watching the Energizers the past 5years. Never did I ever imagine my daughter would be like the girls that have this…passion…huge drive and dedication for dance. She’s got a lot of love and support at home and the studio.the staff…oh the staff…biggest hearts…and huge love and support she gets…to help her reach her goals and passion and big dreams this little one has. Although she’s just going to turn 6 beginning of November…how can I say all this about a 5yr old? She’s just a little kid…well I can tell you it’s easy for me to say. She’s surrounded by people who love her and want to see her reach her dreams. I know because of how she talks and tries so dam hard to do her best. I know because I can see and feel how much this means to her. And seen how it took a piece of her heart when I had to tell I wasn’t sure if she’d make dance this year…and I seen the reaction when I told her she will be able to dance after all. There are no words I can explain that day but pure joy and tears…She really cried hard with happy tears. I cried with her. It was the best day of her life it seemed like. Anyone who wants to know what she wants for birthdays and Xmas…just think dance and help her reach her dreams. I had to thank her instructor tonight again. I notice a huge difference with her this year and I know her instructor has the biggest heart and god given love to teach dance and also the amazing dream team. I had to thank her for being Jorja’s inspiration and super role model. It means the world to me…and absolutely to Jorja as well.

Sheila Trost and Alexis, you are our angels from above. Thank you for this road to making her dreams a reality. We are forever grateful.
– Janet Janzen

“We had a birthday party for my son at the Dream Center and it was awesome! The staff was enthusiastic, organized and truly made my son feel special. Everything was literally done for me. All I had to do was enjoy the party! Best birthday party yet!”
– John and Jenny Becker

” We had a princess party at the Dream Center and my daughter loved it! They were all dressed up in gowns, tiaras and of course glitter. The staff did an incredible job with the hair, make-up and nails. Most importantly, the staff made every girl there feel special and like a princess for the day! I highly recommend the Dream Center!”
– Sandy Witt

“We had a sports party from my son with 25 guests from school. We had both boys and girls at the party ranging in age from 4-8 years old. I was so impressed with how well the staff interacted with the kids and planned activities that kept all of the kids engaged. Not only was it great for the kids, it was even better for the parents! We didn’t have to do anything. The staff facilitated all of the gift opening and even wrote a list of what each child gave as a gift so we could write thank you’s. They served the cake, refreshments, took photos and made sure everyone was having fun! Thank you for a day to remember!”
– Kathy Fontana

“We rented the Dream Center for a baby shower and it was perfect! We had the entire facility to ourselves. We could use the kitchen which was really nice for serving food. The price was very reasonable and the facility was clean, beautiful and just right for our event!”
– Diane Hawthorne

“We did a bounce house party at the Dream Center and my kids still talk about it. The super slide and wacky world bounce house kept at 20+ kids busy! The staff was very friendly and helpful. She even learned all of the kids names in the first 20 minutes of the party. I loved how we could bring in food, refreshments and cake without having to do any of the clean up. This was so organized and fun! We will definitely be back!”
– Rebecca Martin

“My kids come to the holiday dances at the Dream Center and they love it! We are so grateful you offer these activities in a fun, safe and positive environment. We know they are going to have fun and will be safe when they come there. Keep up the great work!”
– Jennifer Pulaski