Ballet, Tap, Jazz Combo: Tiny Tots & Youth Combo

This intro class develops rhythm, balance, and coordination. Basic jazz and ballet fundamentals are incorporated into fun classes of creative movement. This class begins with 20 minutes of ballet followed by 20 minutes of tap and/or jazz.  A third dance discipline taught during the last 20 minutes includes creative movement.

Hip Hop

Take this spunky, high-energy class and learn the latest, freshest, funkiest steps. This class will focus on entertaining the audience. Students will learn various “tricks” and moves straight from the streets of L.A. including street, house, and funk. Learn how to perform exciting street combos and fresh kickin’ steps you can do on the dance floor.

Leaps, Jumps, Turns

This class will focus on technique and will work on perfection and skill combinations. This will include a combination of “Strength & Flexibility” and “Leaps, Turns, and Jumps”. We will spend the first 15-20 minutes doing conditioning exercises designed to target the muscles used most often in dance- core, arms, and legs. We always begin with the basics and then advance to the level of each individual dancer. Emphasis is placed on proper technique and safety with maximum feedback given to each participant.


This is a one-hour class in fundamental classical ballet. Students will learn barre and center floor work. Several ballet steps and combinations will be taught along with some lyrical dance. The student will begin to acquire knowledge of and appreciation for classical ballet music, balance, grace, agility, and discipline. Classical Ballet is the essential part of every dancer’s repertoire. Ballet classes are split by level, not age.

Pom: Pee Wee, Mini, Junior Stars

This class will energize your child with upbeat music, fast paced choreography and basic Pom technique. This is a great class to improve rhythm, coordination and flexibility.


Dancenastics is a fun yet challenging class that includes dance and gymnastics. This class includes dance techniques, tumbling, strength and Acro dance combinations.

Adult Energize

Offered two times during the week (must register for each class separately) this class is truly designed to live up to it’s name… you will be ENERGIZED!!! We will begin with cardio dance and work into stretching and toning exercises. The main goal is to increase your strength, stamina, and flexibility. This is a class that gives EVERY adult a great work out. Instructors will give variations to the work out to meet the needs of the beginner to the advanced. Give this one a try- it’s definitely worth it!


Pointe students must be at least 12 years of age and have a concrete understanding of their bodies in relation to classical ballet. Pointe focuses on performing the movements and exercises of classical ballet, while on pointe. Students of pointe will progress and develop foot strength as they graduate each level. The ultimate goal of pointe is to make it seem effortless. Therefore students will concentrate on the quality of their movements. Pointe is a performance class and does perform in the spring recital. Students interested should contact the studio to set up an evaluation.


Tumbling is becoming a popular trend in the world of dance. These classes increase total athletic ability, strength and flexibility. This class is for anyone who wants to master skills including but not limited to kip ups, back handsprings, front and back walkover and aerials.

Participation in structured tumbling activities has proven fitness benefits to children of all fitness levels. Athletes as well as children have taken advantage of the numerous fitness and academic benefits that tumbling offers. Such benefits include the development of bi-lateral motor skills, balance, coordination, as well as cardio-vascular fitness, strength, flexibility and agility. In addition, confidence and self-esteem increase.

Mix It Up

Mix it up is a great class to explore various genres of dance including Pom, jazz, ballet, kick and hip hop. Each week different styles of dance will be taught and the choreography will encompass each discipline. This is a great way to explore what your favorite genre might be! In addition, guest instructors will teach specialty classes throughout this class.

Dance Attire for EACH Class

You are required to wear dance apparel for ALL dance classes. No body concealing attire is permitted. Your hair must be pulled out of your face for ALL classes and worn in a bun for ballet. You will not be allowed into class if these standards are not followed.

Pee Wee StarsBlue leotard with skirt, silver star, beltWhiteWhite jazz or balletPony Tail
Mini StarsBlue leotard with skirt, red star, beltWhiteWhite jazz or balletPony Tail
Junior StarsBlack leotard, black pants, silver star, beltNoneBlack JazzPony Tail
Ballet 1, 2, 3Black leotard- no skirtTanPink BalletBun
ComboPink leotard, no skirt
Boys – black shorts, white shirt
Pink Ballet
Black Tap
Mix It UpBlack leotard, black pants, silver beltN/ABlack JazzPony Tail
DancenasticsBlack leotard, black dance shorts, silver scrunchieN/ABlack JazzN/A
Hip HopClass hip hop t-shirt, black pantsN/AWhite Tennis ShoesPony Tail
BoysWhite t-shirt, black shorts/pantsN/AFollow ClassN/A
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