1. What is the Energizers Dance Team?

The Energizers Dance Team is a competitive team that trains for local, national and world competitions. The Energizers train in pom, jazz, hip hop, and kick. It is comprised of various teams based on the United States All-Star Federation (USASF). The Booster Club is a non-profit organization that supports the Energizers through various fundraising efforts. One of the goals of the Energizers is to give athletes the opportunity to work as a team to train for various competitions. In addition, the Energizers volunteer for numerous community service projects.

2. How are the Energizers different from Dream Center dance studio classes?

The Energizers Dance Team is the competitive dance team of the Dream Center. Additionally, the Dream Center offers studio classes designed for students who wish to study non-competitive dance. Dancers who wish to take their dancing to the next level should consider auditioning for the Energizers Dance Team.

The Dream Center Dance Studio provides instruction in pom, jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, modern and contemporary. Classes are available for beginner through advanced dancers ages two through adult.

3. What is the Dream Team?

The Energizers Dream Team is our special needs team.  Special needs athletes benefit from their time together at practice and their work improving themselves. Not only do they stimulate their social and motor skills, but the thrill of performance is a special memory to all of us!

4. How much does it cost to be a member of the Energizers Dance Team?

The cost for the full level competition teams vary depending upon which competitive level your dancer participates in. The prices range from $160 per month through $330 per month but could vary dependent upon corporate sponsorship and team fundraising opportunities. This includes all costumes, team practice, technique classes, conditioning classes, and competition fees. Additional costs may include incidentals such as jazz shoes, tights, practice attire and a team warm up. The Energizers Booster Club offer numerous fundraising opportunities to help offset these expenses.

5. How much time is involved in being an Energizer?

The time involved for our prep level team averages one day of practice per week. The prep level teams will compete in approximately two local competitions per season. There will not be any overnight travel involved. We also participate in various parades and performances.

The time involved for our full competition teams vary per team. In addition to the time commitment of the prep teams, full competition teams will have between 2 to 4 days of practice per week depending on the age of the team. Beginning in the fall, there will be approximately 1 to 2 competitions per month. The junior & younger level teams season ends in March.  The senior level team ends in May.

6. What is the age range of dancers?

We have teams available for dancers ages 4 years through 18 years old.

7. Are there any functions that require overnight stays?

The full competition teams will be required to attend overnight stays for any National competition. The amount of National competitions attended varies depending on the team. The younger teams attend one National competition per year. The senior team can attend up to six Nationals per year in addition to the Worlds competition held in Florida in April.

8. Will my child be able to make this team?

Every effort will be made to find an age appropriate and skill appropriate team for all dancers.

9. Does my child need to attend every practice?

Every effort should be made to attend all practices. When a dancer misses a practice, it affects the entire team. We do understand there may be times that missing a practice is necessary. We ask that you please notify the coaching staff prior to the missed practice. All practices are mandatory to attend the week of a competition.

10. What should my child wear for practice?

At the beginning of the season, your dancer will be given specific practice attire to wear.

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