Sheila Trost

Sheila Trost is the founder, artistic director, and choreographer for the Nationally and World ranked Energizers Dance Team. She is an accomplished dance instructor, judge, coach and award winning choreographer who has instructed all ages in pom, jazz, hip hop, kick and studio dance for the past 25 years. Known for her unique style and entertaining choreography, Sheila has choreographed National and World ranked routines. Sheila is a member of the National Education Association, WACPC, & USASF. She is certified as a USASF Safety Judge, and is a member of the Rules Committee, Regional, National and Worlds Advisory Board.

Sheila has won numerous awards for her talents as a coach and choreographer including National Coach of the Year and Director of the Year by Dance Spirit. In 2015, she was awarded the USASF Dance Coach of the Year. Sheila continues to serve as a certified adjudicator for events across the country.

Sheila holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education. In addition, she has studied leadership and administration. Sheila continues her education by attending conferences, seminars and workshops in the dance industry. Her accomplished dance students have received numerous scholarships, perform with college dance programs around the nation, and are dancing professionally. Her alumni, faculty, and family are a continuous source of inspiration as she strives for excellence in and out of the classroom. Sheila has been teaching children for over twenty five years and her passion and enthusiasm for creating life long learners is evident in her classroom. She is a very energetic, positive and motivating teacher who sets her expectations high for every student.

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