Dream Center School


Dream Center School Inclusive 3K and 4K Preschool located in Hartford Wisconsin is committed to providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum that focuses on the whole child. Physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development is emphasized in a safe and nurturing environment. Our goal is to support each family by developing a partnership with parents, communicating daily to build mutual understanding, while ensuring the welfare and optimal development of each child. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

About Dream Center School

The Dream Center School is a five-star ranked, state licensed Early Childhood center that offers flexible and high quality education to families who want to prepare their child for the kindergarten transition. Our curriculum includes thematic learning centers, individualized instruction, portfolio assessment, field trips, and guest speakers.

The Dream Center School goes beyond meeting expectations by offering quality education in a clean new facility and professional environment. The Center is fully equipped with a sprinkler system while considering safety, comfort and the most optimal learning environment, which sets the Dream Center apart from the rest. All students must be toilet trained prior to enrolling in our programing.

The enthusiasm, energy, and many years of experience of the staff will benefit all children in the program. By providing a staff that is state licensed in Special Education, Early Childhood and Elementary Education, the Dream Center feels confident that the environment will foster academic and individual success.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to stop by the Dream Center during our business hours or contact us.


The POWER of Inclusion for ALL students


Diversity & Empathetic Development

Students learn that everyone has strengths and areas that need improvement. We focus on character development through helping one another, practicing acceptance and compassion, and learning from each other. Inclusion helps to foster a role of leadership in many children, while encouraging others, through positive peer encouragement.

Meaningful Friendships

Through meaningful experiences with peers, students develop social and emotional skills that foster positive relationships. Students recognize individual differences while understanding that every student is valued in our classroom. Students support one another and learn alongside their friends. This helps prepare students for diversity in their future educational and life experiences through practice in collaboration.

High Expectations

Inclusion provides better opportunities for learning for all students. Students are challenged to work to their highest potential through research-based differentiated instruction. Students thrive through individualized curriculum and goal setting.

Weekly activities will be planned according to the age and development level of the children. Transitions will be used from one activity to the next so that students will not be waiting in line for a long period of time. These transitions include the use of songs, finger plays and “body basics” techniques. Staff will use a whole language approach with emphasis on phonics and pre-reading strategies.  Staff will complete a weekly plan according to the established theme. Curriculum will include a flexible balance of classroom & gymnasium activities and individual and group activities.


Dream Center Offers

  • Experienced, qualified teachers including a licensed Special Education, Elementary & Early Childhood teacher
  • Every staff member is seizure trained, CPR & First-aid certified, which is kept current
  • People-first language trained staff
  • Energetic & enthusiastic teachers
  • A clean, safe environment with a sprinkler system throughout the building
  • Building with a comfortable temperature, which will not be less than 67°F and will not exceed 80°F
  • Outdoor play area
  • Structured, age appropriate activities and free play
  • Smoke free environment
  • Additional monthly events at the center
  • State of the art dance facility for additional instructional opportunities


Program and Education Policy

The program at the Dream Center will include activities that allow the children to:

  • Be successful and feel good about themselves
  • Develop pre-kindergarten skills
  • Use and develop language skills
  • Develop large and small motor skills
  • Use materials and take part in activities that encourage creativity
  • Learn new ideas and skills
  • Participate in imaginative play
  • Learn about their own culture and other’s cultures and learn respect for people of different ages, races, cultures and abilities

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